Solution Architecture

Pryvate SMC connects to all your voice communication channels (incoming, outgoing, internal) and converts every conversation to text once it has been stored. (Real time capture, transcription and analysis of calls will be available in a later release)
Once the converted text is available, rules based and machine learning routines are applied adding indexing and analytics and preparing data for further in-depth analysis.

Pryvate SMC will encrypt both file recordings and transcriptions with its own military strength algorithms ensuring all your conversations are always secure.

Pryvate SMC can transcribe conversations recorded over single or dual channel recordings. Dual channel
recording will improve accuracy of transcription and enable stricter privacy controls.



Pryvate SMC (Secure Managed Conversations)

SMC - is a voice to text transcription and analytics service that auto GDPR tags and colour codes identified personal identifiable information , for ease of storage, analysis and retrieval. Encompasses an AI bot that learns your business key words for more improved future proof functionality.

Thus no more storing of expensive hard to find voice recordings and key words which take up a lot of time and data storage resulting in cost savings of up to 90 percent of storage charges alone. Add the ease of PII data retrieval system, SMC’s ability to immediately pull a record/conversation by key words etc any and all PII at any time from the encrypted stored data logs.

We have an additional input channel for domain specific keywords, stored encrypted on premises or on cloud or Pryvate™ cloud.



SMC Benefits

Transcribed conversations use a fraction of the storage required by call recordings (depending on the quality of the recording and its compression level a recording file may be up to 10 Mb per minute, while the transcription will use less than 10 Kb). This in itself unlocks some cost savings, but most importantly allows organizations to apply to voice communications the same retention policies that apply to other communications and records. Storage periods can be increased from weeks to years and records can be linked to customers, deals or processes as required.

Text analytics, applied to the recordings or to other types of voice communication (meetings, internal calls…), unlocks a whole range of possibilities:

  • Review of all calls for any purpose (compliance, QA, training…)
  • Easy identification of non-compliant conversations
  • Assessment and identification of conversation issues and opportunities

The combination of these functionalities allows you to:

  • Manage conversations
  • Unlock knowledge hidden in current practices and call history
  • Discover opportunities for improvement
  • Improve Quality Management in all sorts of processes

For the first time you can apply the same standards and rigor to Voice conversations as you do to all your documents. Retention Periods, Quality Control, Compliance do not need an exception for voice.




Current Features

  • Automated upload to Pryvate cloud for processing
  • Quasi-real-time (under 5 minutes after called saved) transcription
  • Immediate rules-based meta-tagging and indexing
  • Integration with PBX, call centre, cloud-based call centre, internal VoIP
  • Encryption of all saved data
  • Potential to transcribe from 80 languages

Future Features

  • A separate recording of each call participant
  • Real time transcription and analytics
  • Alert supervisor of the need to support agents or correct performance
  • Mobile to Mobile conversation transcription and analysis using Pryvate App (removing the need for a VoIP supplier)
  • Encryption of voice recording and transcription
  • Meeting recording

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