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SMC - is a voice to text transcription and analytics service that auto GDPR tags and colour codes identified personal identifiable information , for ease of storage, analysis and  retrieval. Encompasses an  AI bot that learns your business key words for more improved future proof functionality. 


Thus no more storing of expensive hard to find voice recordings and key words which take up a lot of time and data storage resulting in cost savings of up to 90 percent of storage charges alone. Add the ease of PII data retrieval system, SMC’s ability to immediately pull a record/conversation by key words etc  any and all PII at any time from the encrypted stored data logs.


We have an additional input channel for domain specific keywords, stored encrypted on premises or on cloud or pryvate cloud  

1. Transcribe your audio

- Upload a file, 

- Record online, or 

- Convert after a Pryvate™ call 

   (Pryvate™ Closed User Group).

2. Audio is converted and analyzed

- Key words are isolated,

- Language Translation 

- Color coded and 

- Tagged

3. Data is stored

- Searchable database 

- Apply analytics

- Manage data (Cost savings)

- GDPR demands additional care of personal data. Voice is classed as Biometric Data and requires stronger protection but once transcribed its doesn’t need to be stored to keep its value. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be obfuscated and access controlled.

SMC can learn your business and thus transcription accuracy improves over time with the implementation  of our intuitive corrections service for your  transcripts. This monitors the manual corrections/changes made and once re ran thru SMC the transcripts will be automatically compared from the first Transcript received  to however many times the end user changes that transcript. If a certain word or phrase is changed a certain number of times, your SMC account will then Send the correct word or phrase in the data sent off to the Transcript engine as a target word or phrase that you are telling the AI to pay closer attention specifically for that word/phrase . 

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MONTHLY Subscription


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